Just Hot Stamp It!

If you’re looking to personalize your product by adding your name, monogram or company logo, hot stamping is a tried and true direct part marking method.

* Simply choose the best machine size to decorate your part.

Hand Operated Foil Stamping Machines

Hand-operated foil stamping machines are known as manual foil stampers. With these types of machines, you’ll be running the stamping process by hand. These types of machines have a lever that requires a pulling action to help bring the printing mechanism in contact with the material which needs the foil stamp. When the stamp has been positioned and is achieved, you will then need to remove the stamped object and place a new one ready to be stamped. Manually operated foil stamping machines will have either an automatic foil feeder or a manual foil feeder.

Pneumatic Operated Foil Stamping Machine

The pneumatic operated foil stamping machine runs when actuated or started by the operator. In machines such as this, the use of an air compressor moves the printer head and brings it into contact with the material which requires stamping. Running these machines is quite easy.



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