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Selecting a Hot Stamp Die

Hot Stamp Supply Company offers high quality hot stamp and foil printing dies in a variety of materials to meet your special application. Hot stamping dies are available in the following material options; magnesium, copper, brass, steel and silicone rubber. The choice of printing die will depend on the following factors: quantity of imprints, artwork, stamping die equipment, product or substrate composition and the surface features and contour of the item to be decorated.

Magnesium Dies: Best for short imprint runs.
Photo-etched magnesium dies are commonly used for hot stamping on plastic, leather, cardboard, paper and wood. Magnesium is relatively soft and the best choice for short runs and low cost.

Copper Dies: Best for medium imprint runs.
¼” (.250”) thick, photo-etched .025” – .035” deep and machine routed .070” deep in background area. Copper wears better than magnesium, but are not etched as deeply. Good for hot stamping, embossing and branding plastic, wood and leather with fine detail. Can be mounted onto a riser block if required.

Brass Dies: Best for medium to long imprint runs.
¼” (.250”) thick, photo-etched .250” – .030” deep and machine relieved .090” deep in background areas. Brass wears better than copper or magnesium, but does not etch as deeply as either one. Good for hot stamping flat surfaces.
We can make the blank any thickness. ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1” thick materials are standard. Engraved brass offers durability and the engraving depth can be controlled to suit the application. Excellent for hot stamping fine detail on plastic. Deeply engraved brass is a good choice for branding wood and leather. Can be shaped to fit contoured substrates.

Steel Dies: Best for long imprint runs.
Like engraved brass, we make engraved steel dies in any configuration. Hardened tool steel is the most durable material and is a good choice for long production runs.

Silicone Dies: Best for contoured or textured surfaces or tipping.
The best material for many hot stamping applications. Rubber can conform itself to slight surface sinks or irregularities and reduces rejections.

Contoured Dies: Available in brass, steel, or silicone.
Send us your part and we will make a die to fit it perfectly in brass, steel or silicone rubber.

Mounting: Customer preference but recommend for recessed imprint area.

Disclaimer: Any images, logos, artwork or trademarks displayed on this website are for demonstration of our imprinting capabilities only and are the property of their respective owner. Our customers must guarantee we have the appropriate permissions to imprint or use logos, trademarks and designs that are provided to us. We will not be held accountable for any infringements on copyrights as a result of using provided artwork for imprinting. Customers shall hold our company harmless and indemnify us against any legal action regarding customer provided artwork.

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