Hot Stamp Foils for Your Needs

Our hot stamp foil can be used on a variety of substrates including: plastics, leather, MDF and graphics (such as poster boards, signs, coated paper book covers, etc.). Decorative and functional, our MDF stocked foils are available in marble and wood-grain patterns, as well as in black and white. Also available are bold solid colors and bright metallics (including red, gold and silver). Even trendy holographics are available.

We offer a variety of custom services and expert technical support for all your hot stamping needs. Custom colors and patterns are available with proper minimum order quantities. To find out about available color options, custom orders and to discuss your specific application, please call our friendly and professional customer service representative at 877-343-4321.

* RoHS compliant foils available, please call for information.

FYI – Hot Stamping Foil composition consists of 4 or more layers:

  1. Polyester Carrier Sheet: Serves as the base or ‘carrier’ for the foil
  2. Release Coat: Allows the other layers to release from the film carrier upon application of heat &/or pressure
  3. Lacquer or Color Coat: Carries the color tint in the form of pigments or dyes
  4. Metal Coat: Generally composed of aluminum to provide the reflective qualities and opacity desired in metallic foils
  5. Adhesive Coat: Serves to bond the foil to the substrate being stamped. This determines the printability on different substrates
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