Hot Stamp Foils

Hot Stamp Supply Company is a value added distributor of high quality, premium brand hot stamp foils.

Hot Stamp Dies

Hot Stamp Supply Company offers high quality hot stamp and foil printing dies in a variety of materials to meet your special application.

Hot Stamp Presses

Hot Stamp Supply Company offers high quality, premium brand hot stamping equipment, machinery, and foil printing machines.

Hot Stamp Supply Company is a full service, value-added distributor that is able to provide total product, service and technical solutions to our customers. We offer a broad range of premium quality foils and heat transfers, a complete line of hot stamping dies, in-house graphics capabilities, and a wide range of hot stamping equipment and presses. Also available is a variety of custom services, expert technical support and first class customer service. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a level of competence and service on which they can depend.

New Technology

Low Pressure Transfer

The LPT (Low Pressure Transfer) 6.0 offered by Hot Stamp Supply Company has been developed primarily for the drinkware industry with the ability to print on flat, round and odd shaped products. Utilizing brand new technology, the 6.0 gives the operator the ability to take the shape of a product like never before and stamp full color in one cycle. The products this machine can be used for is expanding daily as we all know the industry is pushing further toward multi and full color requirements. By utilizing heat transfers, the LPT’s dry printing process offers immediate cure onto the product surface which reduces handling time.

Hot Stamped

You would be surprised how many things you see on a daily basis that are hot stamped.
We have the solutions for your imprinting needs.
Below are some samples of products that have been hot stamped.

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