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Hot Stamp Supply Services

HSSC provides total product, service and technical hot stamp solutions.  We offer:

  • both quality foils and heat transfers
  • a wide range of hot stamping equipment and presses
  • a complete line of hot stamping dies
  • in-house graphics
  • a variety of custom services
  • expert technical support to clarify and assist you
  • above all, we pride ourselves in our first class customer service

HSSC is dedicated to providing our customers with a level of service on which they can depend.

Learn more about our high quality, premium brand foils. Not only do we provide high caliber foils, but also an extensive variety.

We offer premium brand equipment. Specifically, this includes products such as machines, replacement parts, and fixtures. In addition, we supply make-ready equipment as well as die holders.

HSSC sells dies in a variety of materials to meet your special application. These include magnesium, copper, brass, steel, silicone, and contoured dies.

Full-Color Image Technology

Custom Jobs, Transfers,

& Press Purchases Available!

Introducing the Full-Color Model 6.0 offered by HSSC! This press was developed to print on flat, round and odd shaped products. Furthermore, it allows operators to stamp their product with full-color in one cycle. The products this machine can be used for is expanding daily. The imprinting industry is pushing towards full color requirements. This press is an ideal way to create multi-color, high-detailed imprints. Moreover, the 6.0 has a dry printing process. This provides immediate cure onto the product surface, reducing handling time.