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Dedication to Quality

Here at HSSC, we are determined to give you a first-class experience. In order to preserve the quality of your hot stamping application, we have placed certain precautionary requirements for foil orders. Due to the sensitivity of substrate/foil adhesion, we require the vast majority of foil purchases to be proceeded by testing of our free sample foil.

Saving Time and Money

We know your time and money are important. We do not want you to waste either on foil that does not work for your applications! Foils are sensitive to the specific material it is being applied to.

Ideal adhesion can vary by foil series, pigmentation, and other variables. This is why we feel it crucial that you test your foils before purchasing.Because we are dedicated to making sure you get the best foil for your needs, we provide free foil samples and even offer some free in-house testing(certain conditions apply).

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