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Frequently AskedĀ Questions

What is a || tape inch || ?

A “Tape inch ” is a section of foil that measures 1″ x 200′ .

How do I determine how much foil I will need to complete a job?

Customer service will be able to assist you. Please have your imprint size and coverage information available.

How do I determine how many tape inches are in any size roll?

You multiply the width in inches by the length in feet, and divide by 200.

How to determine what size roll I will need?

A quarter inch or more above and below the imprint area is recommended.

What is cold foil stamping?

Cold foil stamping is the process of applying adhesive to a substrate and then applying easy release foils onto the adhesive without the use of hot dies or heated rollers.

What is the difference between hot stamping foil and decals?

Hot stamping foil is a one color application, decals are multicolored. The same presses are used for both, with the decals custom fit with an indexer.

Does anyone manufacture edible foil?

Not yet!

What type of die should I use?

A die recommendation is made based on your specific substrate, surface texture, number of imprints needed and type of foil required ; call customer service for assistance.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order quantity depends on the foil. MDF foils are available in single rolls. Metallics and pigmented (color) foils must be ordered in a minimum of a 24″ x 1000′ master roll that can be custom slit. Available from time to time are over stock rolls at a reduced price. Call customer service for information.

What is the standard lead time for foils?

Our standard lead time is within 24 to 48 hours for stock foil.

What is the Pantone Formula Guide?

The Pantone Formula Guide provides an accurate method for the selection, reproduction and matching control of solid colors. It is the International printing, publishing and packaging color language.

Do you sell Textile Foils?

Not at this time

Can bare Metals or glass be stamped?

No non-porous materials cannot be stamped.

FYI - Foil composition consists of 4 or more layers:

1.) Release Coat: Allows the other layers to release from the film carrier upon application of heat &/or pressure.
2.) Lacquer or Color Coat: Carriers the color tint in the form of pigments or dyes.
3.) Metal Coat: Generally composed of aluminum to provide the reflective qualities and opacity desired in metallic foils.
4.) Adhesive Coat: Serves to bond the foil to the substrate being stamped. This determines the printability on different substrates

FYI - Embossing creates a raised image.

It requires an etched metal (female) die and a matching (male) counter die. De-bossing creates indented image.

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