PrintPro 4x5 Table Top Hot Stamp Printer

PrintPro 4x5 Hot Foil Printer

The PrintPro 4x5 is a hand operated hot foil printing machine ideal for small to medium sized jobs. You can use the PrintPro 4x5 to print on cards, paper and stationery products, ribbons, pencils, matchbooks, plastic and more. This hot stamp printer comes with everything you need to produce beautiful hot stamped items on the table top.

  • 7" throat depth: will print to the center of a 14" book
  • Full 5" print width: every line can be up to 5"
  • Digital Heat Controller: holds temp. at +1 or -1 degree
  • Warms up in under 5 minutes
  • Larger print area due to larger rambar
  • Capable of printing a full 4" by 5" area
  • Superior foil feed: adjust from 0" to 7.0" feed per stroke
  • Convenient foil loading
  • Easy disposal of used foil through rear of machine
  • User friendly accessories: all machined to aerospace tolerances.
  • All 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Fully warranted for 3 years

Included with each PrintPro:

  • Multi Purpose Self Centering Typeholder
  • 2.5" x 5" Open Chase Holder
  • Adjustable 10" x 12" Centering Base Plate
  • Multi Purpose Accessories Package (Attachments for Cards, Stationery, Matches Ribbons, etc.)
  • Complete Set of Type; Caps, Lower Case, Numbers, Punctuation
  • Leather Covered Wood Type Boxes With Coded Inserts
  • Training Manual
  • Party Pack of 10 Imprinting Foils

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